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Crank Bait - Megabass - Vision ONETEN

Crank Bait - Megabass - Vision ONETEN

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Megabass - Vision ONETEN

In 2000, Vision ONETEN made a brilliant debut in the world's best bass tournament, BASS Master Classic. It is a special maid lure that broke in the American field and landed in Japan from Megabass USA.

The amazing underwater slide action to the left and right that the slender and tall body unfolds due to power jerking, attracts monsters with strong power that overwhelms the average size minnow and turns it on. In addition, even in straight retrieve, the high lift setting, which can pass over cover  with light handling, is also effective as a shallow bait . The Japanese model has a front and rear KATSUAGE hook at the outbarb out point for catching. Only the center hook uses a barbless thread that pursues only a rough attack. USA specifications use KATSUAGE hooks for all hooks.

In any case, the power that takes advantage of the size and the structure that moves the tungsten weight in series with the double weight in the series brings a different-distance long-distance cast to find monsters farther and more widely. Wonten's overwhelming power and potential has been fully demonstrated in Japan's tough fields.

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