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Treble Hook - Decoy - Y-S82

Treble Hook - Decoy - Y-S82

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The size of the treble Y-S81 has been increased with a heavier setting while maintaining the "hanging-oriented" performance. A strong treble aimed at larger targets (blue fish such as tuna and amberjack, medium and small GTs, etc.). The long and straight point surely brings the first contact to the hooking, and the long throat shape suppresses the burr to the utmost.


● Strong treble that focuses on heavy plugging games, centered on invitation-type blue-colored top games.
● A long taper point that reliably catches the first contact and maximizes the penetration force.
● Long throat and low angle barb that ensures penetration and prevents burr.
● Uses a smart eye that makes it easy for the heavy ring to pass through and prevents strength deterioration so that it feels like a 2-rank thin shaft.
● Adopted "Solid System" that draws out the performance of each hook by carefully examining the brazing material that emphasizes strength and toughness.
● Vertical eye specifications that support all lures and realize smooth hooking.
● Uses highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment to prevent rust.

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