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Soft Bait - Zoom - Brush Hog 6" (8pck)

Soft Bait - Zoom - Brush Hog 6" (8pck)

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No collection of creature baits is complete without the Zoom® 6'' Brush Hog. This is the bait that started the creature bait craze, and many years later, it remains the top bait in the category. Its beefy body features multiple appendages, plus a large, fluttery double curltail to move water and create interest. Whether your bass fishing day includes Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, or jigging, the salt-impregnated Zoom Brush Hog will bring the action! Made in USA.

Year after year, Zoom Baits remain the hottest soft plastics in bass fishing. Zoom softbaits are legendary for their uncanny fish-producing ability, and rare is the tournament angler who will leave the dock without a good supply in the boat. Wholly realistic, super-soft to the touch, and salt-impregnated, Zoom softbaits have the look, the action, and the flavor needed to make fish bite down hard, and fight to hang on.

  • The bait that started the creature bait craze
  • Still the top bait in the category
  • Beefy, salt-impregnated body
  • Multiple water-moving appendages
  • Great for T-rigging, C-rigging, or jigging

8 per pack

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