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Jig Head - Decoy - VJ-73 Egg Two-One
Jig Head - Decoy - VJ-73 Egg Two-One
Jig Head - Decoy - VJ-73 Egg Two-One


Jig Head - Decoy - VJ-73 Egg Two-One

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Decoy VJ-73 Egg Two-One

Designed to bring out the performance of the worm itself, keeping in mind the style of aiming for a reaction bite with a bulky worm + heavy football. By adopting a jig hook that hooks up quickly in the mouth of the bass and has a quick hook-up point, it eliminates the looseness caused by neck swing, which can be said to be the weak point of heavy jig heads. The weight balance and eye position of the two-stage keeper that firmly holds the fat worm greatly improves the ability to avoid snagging. A well-balanced football jig head that supports self-made rubber jigs at a high level.


Qty: 4 pieces/pack

Made in Japan

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