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Lucky Craft

Jerkbait - Lucky Craft - Pointer

Jerkbait - Lucky Craft - Pointer

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Lucky Craft Pointer

An incredibly productive suspending jerkbait, the Lucky Craft® Pointer features an extremely low center of gravity and special brass weights that shift position on the cast and during the retrieve. This combination not only enables long, smooth casts, it also gives the Pointer the unique ability to "vibrate" on the pause! Absolutely deadly on a stop-and-go retrieve, especially when targeting bass or walleye in cold water. Great all year long for all game fish. Premium finish and components.

  • Belly weighted with shifting brass weights
  • "Vibrates" on the pause, triggering strikes
  • Deadly with any type of stop-and-go retrieve
  • Proven to entice bass, walleye, and more
  • Premium finish and components
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