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Hooks - Decoy - Switcher Worm 104

Hooks - Decoy - Switcher Worm 104

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Decoy Switcher Worm 104


Switcher Worm 104 is a tuned hook with front balance specifications that leads to a real swimming action close to bait fish with a swimming balance that suppresses roll slightly and a forward leaning fall posture. Brings a sense of life to various worms, including high-density straight worms and S-shaped soft baits, and makes neutral fish use their mouths for swimming and falling with straight retrieves, slurping, etc. In addition, the weight located on the front side prevents the worm from slipping and also acts as a worm stopper, so it is easy to pick up the second bite without worrying about the slippage even when using it for worms with high specific density and own weight. It is a setting.

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