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Floating Minnow - Ima - Sasuke SF-95

Floating Minnow - Ima - Sasuke SF-95

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Gulf match the bait!
Ima - Sasuke SF-95

95mm, 8g slim body, ima sasuke SF-95 boasts unexpected amazing flight distance in the same class due to the low resistance of its own ladle lip. The best matching size in using harbors, The smart action unique to floating is ideal for use as a pilot lure of a port or a boat game. The resistance of the ladle lip to the cross wind, Pin strikes that require accurate cast control, It also shows great effect in boat games.


Ima - Sasuke SF-95

  • [Length]95mm


  • [Weight]8g
  • [Type]floating
  • [Range]10〜60cm
  • [Action]Wobbn'Roll
  • [Hook]#6
  • [Ring]#3
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