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Worm Hook - Decoy - KG Hook Narrow Worm 37

Worm Hook - Decoy - KG Hook Narrow Worm 37

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Decoy - KG Hook Narrow Worm 37

In order to make a valuable bite in tough situations, it is a narrow gap specification kilo hook that eliminates unnecessary power and specializes in hanging anyway.
It boasts low power loss during hooking and high penetration, and combined with the exquisite fine shaft, it is easy to hook even from inadequate positions such as deep range and long distance.

In recent years, the number of fields where bulky worms, which emphasize appeal, do not use their mouths has been increasing. Therefore, it is easy to match skinny type worms that match small baits and do not appeal too much, and they are excellent compatibility with gill-type flat worms, slender stick baits, long worms, etc.
In terms of use with other kilo hook series, it can be said that it is an essential option that brings further fishing results.


Spec Product Information

Model Worm37
Name Kg Hook Narrow
Hook collar NS BLACK
#3 832967 9
#2 832974 9
#1 832981 9
#1/0 832998 9
#2/0 833001 8
#3/0 833018 7
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