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Conventional Reel - Shimano - 19 OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM 1500HG (right handle)


Conventional Reel - Shimano - 19 OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM 1500HG (right handle)

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Shimano - 19 OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM 1500HG (right handle)


Gear ratio: 6.4 Maximum drag force: 7.0 kg Self weight: 430 g PE winding amount: No. 2-500 m, No. 2.5-400 m, No. 3-320 m Maximum winding length: 98 cm / one turn of The handle spool diameter: 49 mm Spool width: 25mm Handle length: 73 / 85mm Number of bearings: 8/1 / Ocea Jigger finally comes with a fall lever and appears as "F Custom". The novel shape of The fall lever can be operated instantly with one thumb. You can freely control not only The fall speed but also The jig's underwater posture, making The fall invitation even more reliable. In addition, lightweight handle knobs that are easy to grip and put in force easily handle heavy loads, including fishing in The deep sea. Reduce The burden on Angler. Of course, Jigger's technology such as smooth and powerful winding with infinity drive and micro module gear, high rigidity and durability, and smooth drag performance will continue. (2019 release model)

GROUP: Shimano 19 Ocea Jigger F Custom


     Weight: 405g

    Gear Ratio: 6.4
    Max Drag: 7kg
    Ball/Roller Bearings: 8/1
    Braided Line Capacity(PE-m): 2-500, 2.5-400, 3-320

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