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Bait Hook - Decoy - Big Bite Finesse Worm 20

Bait Hook - Decoy - Big Bite Finesse Worm 20

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Decoy Big Bite Finesse Worm 20

Based on the concept of finesse style with bait tackle aimed only at the big bass, it is a masbari style power hook born after a long test of Toshifumi Kikumoto, adapting to the power of the bait tackle and pursuing performance that can withstand the rush of the big bass. Mainly "Live Bait Rig", nail rigs (cat rigs), no-sinker worms, etc., and all light rigs with bait tackle are supported. Even for use with bulky and self-weighted worms that are considered to have poor hooking in the wacky set, it exhibits a superb hooking response that penetrates the hard part of the jaw of the big bass perfectly.


-A straight point that is directly inserted into the place where the hook point touches and penetrates perfectly.
-Bend shape boasting good worm hold performance and perfect hooking.
-Outstanding power balance mainly for use in bait tackle.
-A size lineup that supports all bulky worms.


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