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Bait Casting Reel - Marfix - C3

Bait Casting Reel - Marfix - C3

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Marfix still has a unique presence and is loved by fans.
In addition to the existing N4, S5, and W6, we have released a new size called (Compact) C3 that responds to the modern jigging scene.
While adopting a size feeling that can be used by anyone from the near sea to expeditions and a new drag system, the basic structure of Marfix such as a symmetrical frame and a maximum hoisting length of 100 cm is not destroyed.
It's been three years from conception to development, and finally a new page is engraved in the history of Marfix.
With its powerful body and arm, the powerful torque winding taste and the reliable drag system by lever drag make various jigging in the near sea, big games by expedition, super deep jigging such as slow pitch jerk. Adapted to jigging games.

In the fall of 2020, the rare "M" wore gorgeous champagne gold, which can be said to be a symbol of successive famous machines with dual-axis reels, and released a G-custom model in N4 size.

A 110mm stainless steel handle arm that boasts an exquisite weight and length that improves the rotation feel, and a drag lever tension ball adjustment type drag lever that makes maintenance much easier. The handle knob comes standard with a high-hardness cork knob that is directly linked to sensitivity.
A special model that further "deepens" the world view of Marfix.



Equipped with a smooth and powerful large-diameter cork drag washer.

Uses a carbon drag washer that is strong enough to withstand large sprinters such as yellowfin tuna and albacore tuna, and features smooth drag operation. (C3 only)

High-strength stainless machine cut gear A

helical gear is used for the main gear to ensure smooth winding comfort. Equipped with a one-way clutch as standard equipment for a more comfortable winding feeling. (C3 only)

The body size is designed to be more compact, pursuing a feeling of size that is easy for anyone to handle. Succeeded in reducing the size by about 1 cm from the conventional model (diameter about 7.5 cm. N4 is about 8.5 cm. * Excluding reel foot).

■ Strong aluminum machine cut one-piece frame
■ 80-100mm 2 position long aluminum handle arm
■ High hardness EVA large handle knob
■ Aged lever drag
■ Narrow side cup that is easy to palm
■ Silent specification
■ 110mm stainless long handle arm (G- custom)
■ Cork handle knob (G-custom)
■ One-way clutch standard equipment (C3 only)

Product name Gear ratio Ball
Own weight
Thread winding amount
(PE / issue)
Maximum hoisting length
(cm / 1 rotation)
Maximum drag force

4.8: 1 7 + 1 660 # 1.5-about 1200m
# 2.0-about 900m
# 2.5-about 700m
# 3.0-about 600m
100 8


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