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Assist Hook- Assist Twin - Vanfook - JL-45 Assist Light Twin

Assist Hook- Assist Twin - Vanfook - JL-45 Assist Light Twin

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Vanfook JL-45 Assist Light Twin

Very Best Standard Twin Assist for around Coastal Sea

Versatile twin assist with our highly recommended model to your first choice when targeting variety of species such as Bluefish, Snapper, Rockfish, etc.

The best rigging to the size of 15 ~ 18cm jigs at both front and rear when you fish by SPJ.
As for the tying process in assist cord, 2 hooks have tied to solid ring separately to realize flexibility in hook movement, and you can adjust hook directions to inward or outward at your preference when you install it to split ring.

You can maximize the jig movement by rigging with another Jigen Twin Assist series onto front or rear depending on the situation such as Jigen Short Twin / Jigen Light Twin / Jigen Long Twin.

< SPEC >
Hook: JIGEN [JH-10]
Assist Cord: Jigging Assist Line [J-AL] 120Lb.
Cord Length:  26mm
Solid Ring: Assist Ring [A-PR] size #S
Tube: Blue Shrink Tube [B-ST] 2.5mm


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