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Assist Hook - Vanfook - JWS-51 Jigen Wire Assist

Assist Hook - Vanfook - JWS-51 Jigen Wire Assist

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JWS-51 Jigen Wire Assist

Wire Assist Special Use for Long Jig

Special single assist for targeting teethy fish like Spanish Mackerel by long jig.

Using JIGEN HYPER (JH-30), the light weighted hook that can perform marvelous penetration by the sharp hooking point.

As for the assist cord, the hybrid wire “Keplart Metal GX” (200Lb.) from YGK has used on it, moreover the cord has covered by clear shrink tube that we assure the durability without cutting off by sharp teeth by means of we took measures for all possible troubles assumed by this spec.

The best length of cord to match even with heavy weighted long jig, and it is hard to entangle with jig due to it has moderate tension.


*Keplart Metal GX (made by YGK)
The assist cord which metal has braided to fiber. It can perform strength of the metal in flexibility of the fiber and assures high abrasion-resistant for the best use in teethy fish game.


< SPEC >
Cord: Keplart Metal GX 200Lb.
Ring: Assist Ring [A-PR] size #S
Tube: Blue Shrink Tube [B-ST] 3.5mm / 4.5mm

    "Specially designed assist hook for aiming Spanish mackerel with long jig" Fully compatible with sword pattern.

    Special Designed Assist Hook For Tagreting Such As Spanish Mackerel With Sharp Teeth Fish By Long Jig.



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