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Assist Hook - Gamakatsu - Assist 60 Ultimate Spec

Assist Hook - Gamakatsu - Assist 60 Ultimate Spec

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Maker : Gamakatsu
Model : Assist 60
Product Highlight : Size : 30,35,40
Type : Assist Hook
Quantity : 1

This the heaviest in the Gamakatsu range of jigging assists. It features a heavy duty braided assist cord (red) with stainless steel solid ring. The hook itself is a great unique shape and designed for awesome hook setting on all those big pelagic’s. Designed for targeting big Dog Tooth Tuna etc. If this sounds too heavy for your needs then try looking at the Gamakatsu assist 62 which is slightly less heavier in gauge and is well suited for targeting the bottom to mid water species like Amberjack, Kingfish, Red Emperor, Nannygai etc.

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