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Assist Hook - Decoy - DJ-100 Grand Pike

Assist Hook - Decoy - DJ-100 Grand Pike

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Decoy DJ-100 Grand Pike

Decoy - DJ100 is a single type assist that adopts the power model "Pike Type R" of "Pike" which is not exaggeration to say that the concept of the jigging hook has been completely renewed. The speed of the hanging, the holding performance, and the one-assist utilizing its power, it is widely applicable from first jerk to slow jerk. All adopt GP rings, and the assist line is a braid line specification for the inshore jigging compatible class of # 1 to # 3/0. Up to 6/0 adopts a four-knit specification (6 knits for # 8/0) with moderate tension to increase strength.


Decoy - DJ100 is made in Japan

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