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Jigging Rod - Smith - Offshore stick AMJ

Jigging Rod - Smith - Offshore stick AMJ

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"Thin, light, strong, and easy to use" Technical jigging rod



"Amazing thinness to see, amazing lightness to handle, amazing operability to use, surprisingly strong to

 wear" "AMJ", which was developed mainly for amberjack tuna, is a truly amazing jigging rod. Armor graphite blank armed with medium-high elasticity graphite with Kevlar graphite, conveys the angler's arm (technology) more accurately and more quickly to the jig, and is ideal for technical jerk such as Hirado jerk.

 The soft short tip section, the tense long belly section, and the strong butt section are especially suited for operations where a center-balanced long jig is flipped up for a long stay. The super-high elasticity and high-strength Kevlar graphite from the middle part of the belly section to the butt section firmly catches the power of Hiramasa that heads straight to the root when hooking, and does not give a chance of counterattack. 


■ Product specifications


ROD No. length grip
length line jig wt weight MAX
LOAD pack

Bait model






675 mm




~ 210g




8kg (45°)
4kg (90°) 

164 cm



Spinning model






660 mm


PE3 ~ 5






10kg (45°)
5kg (90°) 

169 cm







690 mm


PE 4 ~ 6






12kg (45°)
6kg (90°) 

164 cm







690 mm


PE 4-8






14kg (45°)
7kg (90°) 

159 cm




In this series, the maximum load of rod angles of 45 degrees and 90 degrees (so-called "shi") is set in order to make it easier to understand the ability of the rod and to recognize that the strength becomes weaker as the rod is raised. The load is shown.
This load indicates the maximum static load due to the rod angle when the rod is most loaded (the fish is right underneath). The shallower the line angle (the wider the angle between the rod and the line is made), the greater the load. It becomes bigger (stronger). 


  • Full 1 piece specification (grip cannot be removed)

  • Blank material: 24 tons + 30 tons + Kevlar graphite/3D cross binding manufacturing method
  • Guide: Double wrapping titanium ion plating SIC ocean guide. AMJ-54L and 52M have spiral guide specifications. Spinning model butt guides are all model reverse mounting specifications


  • Reel seat: Fuji's TCS is used as the bait model and Fuji's DPS is used as the spinning model. Both have long nut specifications, and the body is non-slip processed.


  • Parts: The bait model has a metal ring on the front end of the seat, and the spinning model has an aluminum sleeve on the rear end of the seat. Rubber end cap is attached to the grip end
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