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Hook - Decoy - M-003

Hook - Decoy - M-003

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Decoy M-003

Product description


The Decoy M-003 Speed hook is designed for game fishing and is perfect for float and feeder jigs. The model is made of thin carbon wire, which has a low weight and high hardness and durability, which allows it to withstand huge loads despite its miniature size. A distinctive feature of the Decoy M-003 Speed hook is its increased width (distance between the tip and the foreend). Thanks to this model is characterized by increased hooking ability. In order to keep the hook securely on the fish, the tip is slightly tucked to the shank. In addition, a sharp hooked barb leaves no chance for the fish to stall. For tying to the line there is a spatula. This design allows you to fix the hook, but requires the fisherman to have some skills in knotting. The Decoy M-003 Speed hook can be purchased by both professional anglers and novice amateurs who want to use only the best tackle.

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