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Assist Hook - Gamakatsu - Assist Hook Little Sniper Double

Assist Hook - Gamakatsu - Assist Hook Little Sniper Double

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 Assist Hook Little Sniper Double
Ultra light shore jigging that you can easily enjoy from the embankment / surf! !! If you attach it to the jig, the target is infinite! 

One of the easiest lure fishing in the sea, "Ultra Light Shore Jigging". Because it is easy fishing, we have condensed the elements that lead to fishing results.

● Uses lightweight, small hooks that emphasize suction, and hooks any fish reliably!

-Even if the original tinsel is rolled for free, it will appeal to the surrounding fish! The Sabiki effect boosts the activity of the entire herd!

● Reliable materials are used, so you can rest assured even if you are a big player! All fish around the embankment are targeted, from horse mackerel, mackerel, rockfish, rockfish, and scorpion fish to small migratory fish.

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