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Treble Hook - Decoy - Treble Y-F33B


Treble Hook - Decoy - Treble Y-F33B

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Decoy - Treble Y-F33B

Product Description

Downsizing the "Treble Y-F33" with a slightly outward and sharp Long Spear Point with a quick hook touch. The NS black finish that draws out the wire hardness to the utmost limit and strengthens the stickiness provides sufficient strength even if it is small. Even under tough conditions where you are forced to attack with small shad or minnow, you can surely catch short bite and kiss bite and hold big bass surely. Of course, all-round support for mountain stream trout and lures for salt light games.


● Small size treble hook that also supports micro brags.
● Uses a slightly outward-facing Long Spear Point that brings the body to the hookup.
● 1 x fine wire & micro barb specifications that lead to faster hooking.
● Long points and round vents hold the target securely.
● Adopts "Solid System" that brings out the performance of each hook.
● NS black finish that brings out the wire hardness to the utmost limit.

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