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Stickbait - CB ONE - Ryan 180mm - The Fishermans Hut
Stickbait - CB ONE - Ryan 180mm - The Fishermans Hut


Stickbait - CB ONE - Ryan 180mm

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Ryan is a diving pencil bait with a high degree of freedom in action and abundant buoyancy, which has maximized his propulsion. After the input launch, a wobbling action with a fast amplitude just below the surface of the water and a slid action with stretch are activated by giving a line slug. One pitch, short & long jerk, just winding, it responds quickly to all operations, and it can respond to various situations and bait patterns because it is strong against speed changes and the action pitch is free. It also has a stable flight attitude and excellent flight distance performance for upwind casts and nabla shooting.

Type: Floating Stickbait

Length: 230mm

Weight: 130g

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