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Spinning Reel -TailWalk - Kiroshio 43 PGX - The Fishermans Hut


Spinning Reel -TailWalk - Kiroshio 43 PGX

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PGX (power gear / low gear) model for jigging and various vertical lure games

Follow all offshore games, including Shiira, Kampachi, Buri, Hiramasa, Bonito and Tuna. A lineup of PGX (power gear) ideal for jigging. Each part section is a choice for offshore games, ranging from stability of drag setting, body rigidity, spool & handle design. Know the offshore ... The essence of tailwalk is packed. Nor to a new tide. KUROSHIO series.


    Mahi-Mahi, Amberjack, Yellowtail, Hiramasa, Bonito, Tuna

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