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Soft Bait - Fish Arrow - Air Bag Shad Swimbaits 5.5" 5pk - The Fishermans Hut

Fish Arrow

Soft Bait - Fish Arrow - Air Bag Shad Swimbaits 5.5" 5pk

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Shadtail worm with new potential!

What is an airbag shad?
By adjusting the weight with a hollow body, you can not control the usual shadtail worms with surface range (surface) buzzing, stop & go, wire sinker (sold separately), weighted hook, etc. This made it possible to create a suspended state that was considered impossible to reproduce with worms.

In addition, it is a unique feature of the hollow body that it has an excellent hooking rate by "crushing" when biting.


Surface layer standard hook size 6/0 class 

The largest airbag shad ever! Greatly improved flight distance and appeal. Since its own weight is 16g, it can be used without stress even with MH to H cluster knuckles. The 5.5 inch size can be used even with a heavy cover that has been approaching a hollow frog up to now without impairing appeal.

In addition, it is recommended as a trailer for royal road pattern swimming jigs on Lake Biwa, etc. By raising the buoyancy of the hollow body, it will be possible to retrieve slower than when set on a rubber jig.

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