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Slow Pitch Jigging Rod - Tailwalk - Slow Bump SSD

Slow Pitch Jigging Rod - Tailwalk - Slow Bump SSD

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New standard of Slow Pitch Jerk

This new standard rod series exclusive to Slow Pitch Jerk has 2 directions in its lineup. The first is Tubular blanks. And the second is Full Solid(FSL) blank. Due to the difference of these structures, anglers can expand the possibility of own strategy.

The Tubular models are orthodox Slow Pitch Jerk rods that have good recoil and transmit the input from angler to jigs. The powerful blank with beautiful bending is also a strong point. The blank is also lightened so the sharp sensitivity lets angler sense even small bites by fish even from hundreds water depth. Aggressive approach to fish is possible with Tubular.

On the other hand, Full Solid(FSL) blank is a totally new trend for Slow Pitch Jerk. FSL blank has only long fibers arranged in a single direction can follow the load as keeping perfect circle shape. The different feature from Tubular reduces unnecessary jumps of jigs and makes jigs drift in water so that the jigs will be more effective for the fish that dislike furious actions of jigs. Besides, the deep bending of blanks follow the powerful running of fish and doesn’t expand the hole at hook point so that the percentage of lost fish will be reduced. Safe fight is possible even with big fish due to well-bending FSL blanks.


632 6'3" 1 191 102 max 230 max 2.8 530 405 A
633 6'3" 1 191 106 max 350 max 3.0 530 405 A
6'3" 1 191 110 max 450 max 3.5 530 405 A

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