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Slow Pitch Jigging Rod - Maxel - Risky Player 60
Slow Pitch Jigging Rod - Maxel - Risky Player 60


Slow Pitch Jigging Rod - Maxel - Risky Player 60

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  • Toray Hybrid Tubelor Structure Carbon blanks
  • Fuji Torzite Titanium guides, Ultra thin, stronger with lower friction, 40% lighter and smoother than SIC.
  • Fuji reel seat on all 7 models
  • Ergonomic shapped, Hard EVA handles

The RiskyPlayer 6.0’ version is ideal for using when fish are inactive and difficult to tempt.
The rod’s design allows it to be fished at a high arc and present the bait in a long fall through the water.

They also come into their own when jigging in strong currents and heavy winds, helping control the line and adding movement to the jig on its descent.

The longer models also lend themselves to fishing on boats with a higher life rail and work well at a high gear-speed ratio when using the ‘Half Pitch’ technique.


Version Action Max Drag 60° Max Drag 90° Line Length Weight Casting weigh
60-3 3 6 Kg 3 Kg PE#1-2 1.80 m 129 g 100-250 g
60-4 4 7 Kg 4 Kg PE#1-2.5 1.80 m 142 g 130-300 g
60-5 5 9 Kg 5 Kg PE#1.5-3 1.80 m 149 150-350 g
60-6 6 11 Kg 6 Kg 1.80 m 153 g 180-450 g


The Maxel Risky Player are very light canes with soft tips, excellent resistance and are 100% made in Japan.


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