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Slow Pitch Jigging Beginners First Drop Combo - The Fishermans Hut

The Fishermans Hut

Slow Pitch Jigging Beginners First Drop Combo

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Beginners Perfect Slow Pitch Combo up to 300ft column and Light Jigs.
Catch the same fish but in a lot more fun way!!!
Rod: Shimano Grappler 68ML
Reel: Shimano TranX 301HG
Line: Varivas Avani SuperConductor Low Stretch PE 1.5
Shock leader: Varivas Fluorcarbon 30Lb
1 - Maxel Dragonfly 80g and
1 - Maxel Bumblebee 100g and
1 - Maxel Bumblebee 150g
Assist Hooks:
3 - Katsuichi Decoy Short Pike Twin 1/0
1 - Katsuichi Decoy Split Ring EX #4
Tool: Belmont Plier #3~#4

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