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Jig - Seafloor Control - New Rector 210g - The Fishermans Hut
Jig - Seafloor Control - New Rector 210g - The Fishermans Hut

Seafloor control

Jig - Seafloor Control - New Rector 210g

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Seafloor Control - New Rector 

Test result: It is a jig that can be used regardless of the target, such as Blue, true or bottom Even in tests conducted in Kochi, Okinawa, Kagoshima, etc, various fish species are caught ※ All fish types available
The “evolved“ ruler ”,“ Rector ”Renewaler, which has undergone further evolution, is characterized by its slow fall action that allows fish to show a long jig The elliptical gouging on the rear side of the surface and the unique shape of the center balance dramatically reduce the drag caused by the turbulent flow, achieving a reasonable omission and a solid stay It is a highly flexible one that can make full use of a wide range of jerk actions from high speed to slow ※ The image of the product is displaying a representative image Also, it may look different from the actual color Please be forewarned

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