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Jig - Tackle House - Tai Jig 60g
Jig - Tackle House - Tai Jig 60g
Jig - Tackle House - Tai Jig 60g
Jig - Tackle House - Tai Jig 60g
Jig - Tackle House - Tai Jig 60g
Jig - Tackle House - Tai Jig 60g

Tackle House

Jig - Tackle House - Tai Jig 60g

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Tackle House Taijig Jig

The Tackle House Tai ( Japanese for Snapper ) jig is a totally unique lure due to it's horizontal presentation on the drop. While all speed and flutter jigs drop vertically, or near vertically, the Tai jig presents a more natural profile because it actually falls in the horizontal position.

Developed with the aim of expanding the fun of "self-made" fishing by responding to aggressive behavier red sea bream,snappers,groupers and all bottom predators.Special shape of T cross section and actions as expected. Fall is meandering while rolling and rolling. In retrieve, keep the posture with a special cross section shape and swing the tail with rolls. The silhouette seems to fish and crustaceans and induces bytes. The pulling resistance is light, the tide and flow change, the movement changes natural in the reeling.

After casting and bottom is taken, do just basic winding.Keep in range with a countdown. Swim bottom and middle layers vertically, horizontally, diagonally, fast winding and slow action are also effective. Range, retrieve speed, action, free production that fits the activity of the day is possible.
Special shape line eye for various hook setting.
If you attach the hook directly, it fits the body. If you attach it to the swivel, it is also possible to make the hook dance without discomfort. It corresponds also to the assist assist hook for the rear.
Extensively tested in Japan on their Snapper this lure will no doubt produce bites worldwide.
Made in JAPAN






Tai Jig 1

Fishing Type: Saltwater Fishing MPN:

Tai Jig 

Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan Fish Species: Bass, Seabass, Trout, Pike, etc., king fish, GT, All Saltwater, Australian Bass, Australian Salmon, Barramundi (Barra), Bass, Salmon, Tuna
Type: Jig Fishing Style: jigging
Features: Big Game, Deep Diving, Jerkbait, Near-shore, Off-shore, Skirted, Suspending, Trolling, Twitchbait, Walking Hook Size:  

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