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Seafloor control

Jig- Seafloor Control - Rector

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This jig works on a wide range of targets Obtained various fish species in tests such as Kochi, Okinawa, Kagoshima prefecture, etc In Tokunoshima, we repeatedly fired the kampachi and GT (Low Nin horse mackerel) ※ All fish types available

"New Secret Lector dedicated to raising" A new jig that improves the Lector corresponding to various jerk patterns That's a secret rector The concept is specialized to raise We worked on the edge to further pursue the lightness of the drag and had an effect on the action to raise Distinctive shape inherits the rector, maintain the omission and stay Slow fall, sharp and crispy action is also free ※ The image of the product is displaying a representative image Also, it may look different from the actual color Please be forewarned


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