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Jig - Nature Boys - Deep Robber
Jig - Nature Boys - Deep Robber
Jig - Nature Boys - Deep Robber

Nature Boys

Jig - Nature Boys - Deep Robber

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Nature Boys - DEEP ROBBER

Daddy Otsuru's answer that he continued to stick to the iron jig.

The jig, which was named DEEP ROBBER, inherits the soul of the iron jig, but by making the
front-back ratio 4: 6 and the center of gravity slightly backward, the
fall speed that is indispensable for deep capture. Was improved.
Still, the lightness of pulling resistance at the time of jerk is characterized by being as light as a swim rider. It is a great advantage
in deep jigging that requires physical strength . In addition, by swapping the front and back and reversing them, it is possible to take a long time to shift to the back slide and make the horizontal posture look longer. I definitely want to use it properly depending on the type of bait.


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