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Jig - Hot's - Drift Tune
Jig - Hot's - Drift Tune
Jig - Hot's - Drift Tune


Jig - Hot's - Drift Tune

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Hot's Drift Tune

The "KEITAN JIG" series is a metal jig developed to support the new jerk style "fake jerk" established by "Kei Hiramatsu". Like the first Keitan jig, it emphasizes draining, is good at sharp side-flying action despite its wide design, and can drift in the water for a long time.
It works best in "slow fake jerk" against targets with low activity at low and high water temperatures. By conscious of the bottom and performing slow fake jerk with a short jerk distance, it appeals to the target in tough conditions with a narrow radius of action and promotes predatory behavior.

Effective not only for amberjack, but also for yellowtail and amberjack. It is a metal jig that is very easy to handle not only for spinning but also for bait tackle.

Ultra-thin flat wide shape for slow fake jerk. With the balance of the center weight, you can strongly appeal the timing of feeding after jerk for a long time.


BH = Border hologram
AH = Aurora hologram
WH = Water hologram

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