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Deep Liner

Jig - Deep Liner - Spindle

Jig - Deep Liner - Spindle

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Every moment is a byte timing.


Spiral zigzag fall wobbling


I know the target is approaching right next to the jig, but I can't bring it to my part-time job. In such a situation, it may be effective to suppress the action of invitation and maintain a long period of time between feeding with soft movements. The spindle was designed to bring a cautious target to the bite, which keeps it easy to bite during a fall without rotating too much in strong double tides and deep waters, and even during fast jerks. .. The unique action characteristics are highly effective even for difficult deep-sea blackthroat seapers.

variation available at The Fisherman`s Hut

● 150g ● 180g ● 210g 


The figure is an example of basic operation.

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