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Jig - Beat - Both-Flanks 200g
Jig - Beat - Both-Flanks 200g
Jig - Beat - Both-Flanks 200g
Jig - Beat - Both-Flanks 200g


Jig - Beat - Both-Flanks 200g

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Beat Both-Flanks 200g

The drain shape on both sides, which was reached from repeated actual fishing tests, adjusts the water flow resistance and eliminates unnecessary actions. The feeling of use that does not make you feel tired is widening the range to attack regardless of bait spinning, you can operate stress-free from vertical to bevel, and in high speed jerk you play a panicked bait fish that escapes, especially tricky for blue-backed fish such as amberjack and yellowtail. The slide is effective. Slow jerking induces bite with smooth slide and pose that the vibration is not too strong for blue-backed fish that have a reaction to fish finder but do not use their mouth easily. In addition, the slenderly shaped body draws a straight trajectory with little blurring and is effective for fish feeding on sand lance, the so-called sand lance pattern, and it is possible to play various bait fish at the angler's will. It is a versatile multiplayer.

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