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Topwater - Ima - Purgachev's Cobra - The Fishermans Hut
Topwater - Ima - Purgachev's Cobra - The Fishermans Hut


Topwater - Ima - Purgachev's Cobra

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■ Sliding action like entanglement in sea water !!
■ Hooking Rate with Proper Buoyancy!
■ One point operation with pin spot is also possible!

A seabass game in the brackish water where boys are repeatedly boiled in the summer.
However, Seabass who went mad by a large amount of bait fired misbytes.
Although it responds to a pencil plug, it does not easily hook.
When developing the Pugachev Cobra,
consider the optimum buoyancy for efficient hooking . Buoyancy corresponds to brackish water to seawater.
Designed so that the draft is high and most of the lures go into the water. As a result,
the hooking rate of the bite that seabass inhales is increased.
In addition, a sliding action that turns 180 degrees
can be performed at a single point.
Even the top beginners can easily handle the operation feeling that is entwined with the net and seawater .




      • [Length]90mm
    • [Weight]12g
    • [Type]Top water
    • [Action]Sliding
    • [Hook]#6
    • [Ring]#3

    Recommended area: Tideland, Harbor, River, Estuary, Kayakboat

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