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Cast Nets - Fitec - Super Spreader SS1000

Cast Nets - Fitec - Super Spreader SS1000

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The Fitec SS-1000 Deep Water Tape Net is designed to stay open longer and reach deeper depths of water. Fitec's Tape Nets are ideal for shrimp and other deep-water targets. This series is made with 2 inch insoluble tape constructed on both sides of the net near the leadline. Premium SPS monofilament netting, a bullseye-constructed design, and a 50-foot-long handline are just some of the many components that set this net apart. Weight is 1.0 lbs of lead per radius foot. Komfort Kuff included on all handlines to reduce chafing on throwing wrist.

FITEC SS1000 Super Spreader Cast Net 

  • Exclusive Komfort Kuff included
  • 1.0 lb lead weights per radius foot
  • Bullseye design with triple-tied leadline
  • 26 ft. braided polyethylene hand line
  • Heavy duty 90lb test braille lines
  • Double layered insoluble tape

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