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The Fisherman’s Hut’s first Vertical Jigging Trip with Instruction

Last Sunday, August 9, 2020, the first expedition with The Fisherman’s Hut’s Vertical Jigging Instruction took place. It had rained all night which made for a good forecast for fishing.
Diogo Yamada and Cpt. Pablo, from Reel Coquina, received the fishermen at 6:00 am at Marina O'Neels in St. Petersburg, Florida, where they all embarked with a calm sea and calm navigation towards the first point 40 miles from the gulf coast, where they arrived at about 1h30.

They then started a variety of styles and techniques seeking to identify what would best suit the day. In the first speed jig descent with the Hilla Jiggla Saurus 200g, Chris hooked a huge Amberjack, and Henry captured a beautiful African Pompano during the Slow Pitch Jigging. At this point, the amberjacks were taken for quick lures and the technique of speedy jigging was deemed the most appropriate. There was a lot of action at this point and a lot of catches for all fishermen. There were also barracudas, almaco jacks, and some species of sharks that stole a brand new jig from Yang right on the first descent. That morning the fish were very active and the fishermen completed their quota of fish before noon.


After a short rest and as they had already completed the quota, they chose to explore new and different points in search of groupers and other fish. They then stopped next to a signal buoy where they caught a shark, barracudas and had a beautiful grouper captured by David in the slow pitch jig.

They ended their fishing trip at 2 am and returned to the marina happy, with lots of fish, new tips, vertical jigging experiences, stories to tell, and new friends.
If you want to be part of the next The Fisherman’s Hut Vertical Instruction Jigging Expedition and fish with Diogo Yamada contact us at


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