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Introducing The Fisherman's Hut

When we are young, we dream and make many plans, and, over the years, we discover that we need to be flexible; be ready for the opportunities that life holds for us; fight for what we want, but accept what life holds for us.

After all, luck is nothing more than opportunity plus preparation.

Diogo Yamada was born in Brazil on March 22, 1975, in São Paulo, the son of Japanese immigrants. His father, Takechi Yamada (known in Brazil by the name of Fernando Yamada), was his greatest supporter. Importer and official and exclusive representative of Japanese brands of sport fishing products like Shimano, Yamada made a fortune in Brazil and educated his three children in always following Japanese customs and values.

When Diogo was still a child in the early ‘90s, at the end of the Cold War, Yamada suffered the fall of the Brazilian economy and lost everything he had built in his life. But he never stopped fighting and struggling to honestly support his family.

The family went through difficulties, but, working together, they went up again against the first and only importer and distributor of JDM Fishing Tackle in Brazil at the time.

Mr. Yamada was respected throughout Brazil and Japan and started to represent brands such as Owner, the defunct NFT, Olimpic, and other renowned brands.

Diogo reached adolescence and, like every teenager, wanted to follow in his own footsteps, so he went to live in Japan. He lived in the Mie Ken province for about 3 years. There he worked about 10 hours a day and, in the few days off that he had, fished. This phase of his adolescence was atypical, without parties, without girlfriends. What he loved was fishing, which turned out to be a great passion.

In Japan, Diogo worked for Honda, in Suzuka, and had the opportunity to travel to all parts of the country. Each trip provided Diogo with new knowledge about Japanese fishing techniques.

Diogo started to participate in business meetings with his father, being introduced to the developers and leaders of the main Japanese brands. Soon, Diogo took over all business negotiations for the family business and decided to return to Brazil, starting law school, required by his father, who expected all his children to have higher education. Diogo graduated with a law degree, gave it to his father, and felt strong enough to start his own journey.

In 2005, Diogo opened his own JDM Fishing Tackle importer and distributor, Everquest Sports. Thanks to the opportunities and contacts that his father presented to him, Diogo started his company already representing brands like Decoy, Smith, and Varivas and the company that started in a 30m² apartment today represents the biggest Japanese brands (Decoy, Smith, Varivas, Meiho, Vanfook, among others), occupies a house with about 500m² in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. Everquest Sports currently serves retail, has an exclusive bar for customers, organizes expeditions, courses, and workshops and provides technical advice. It still works and is owned by Diogo's family, thanks to the wonderful and well-trained staff.

And the recipe that worked in Brazil can be repeated in another country! Diogo, his wife Gisele (French, born in Brazil) and his daughter moved to Tampa, Florida, United States, in search of opportunities that only the United States, a blessed country full of opportunities, could offer.


In December 2019, the family landed in the United States, full of dreams and plans and investing every cent in the new company. If it worked in Brazil, it would be a success in the United States! After much dedication, The Fishermans Hut was scheduled to hold a Grand Opening Event on March 23, 2020, but had to cancel the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was difficult times in a new land, but also an opportunity to discover the American's ability to help himself; to support himself. The family was very well received and motivated not to give up. So, even without a Grand Opening Event, and always following all the COVID-19 protocols, The Fisherman’s Hut started operating in March 2020 and is reading the news every week while waiting to start running workshops and events

Fisherman's Hut, an importer and distributor of Japanese fishing products, specializing in Vertical Jigging, is the only one of its kind in Florida and is located at 5915 Memorial Hwy, Suite 108, Tampa.

The journey is just beginning!

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