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How to make an assist hook for SLJ

The following post was originally shared on Vanfook's website and has been translated to English for viewing here. Check out our online store to pick up your own assist hook or get the parts to make one and start practicing on your own!

Here we will show you how to create a simple assist hook using the "Swifter" hook for super light jigging. When you get used to it, you can do it on your boat quickly because the hook's eyes make it easy. The items used here are 1/0 of the hook "Swifter", welding ring #3, and No. 10 of the assist line "Scrum 16". The tools required are scissors, pliers, and a lighter. Here are the directions:

① "Swifter" is a hook with an eye that makes it easy to create an assist hook.

② Pass the assist line through the eye as shown in the picture.

③ I will tie it in an outer knot.

④ Wrap the assist line around the hook a few times.

⑤ Pass the end thread of the wrapped assist line through the loop so that it comes from the back to the front.

⑥ Pull the end thread and tighten it.

⑦ Hold the end thread with pliers and tighten it firmly.

⑧ Connect the hook on the other side in the same way.

⑨ The hook is firmly tied to both ends of the assist line.

⑩ Cut 5 to 6 mm of end thread.

⑪ Melt the end thread with a lighter. Be careful not to burn it.

⑫ The assist line is melted and lumped. (Note) PE material assist lines will melt and become lumpy when heated, but please be aware that some materials such as kepler do not lump when heated.

⑬ After processing both end threads, fold back the assist line so that it has the same length.

⑭ Pass the welding ring through the assist line.

⑮ Fold back the assist line and make it look like the picture.

⑯Twist the welding ring 90 degrees and pass it through the loop indicated by the arrow.

⑰ The point at which the welding ring has passed through the loop.

⑱ When you pull the welding ring, it looks like the picture.

⑲ Grasp the welding ring with pliers, hold the hook, and tighten.

⑳ This is what it looks like tightened.


With practice, one set of these can be made in about 3 minutes, so please try it.

I also created a video, so please refer to it if you like.

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