Highly efficient Speed Jigging Technique

Highly efficient Speed Jigging Technique

Unlike slow pitch jigging, where the jig is worked with cadenced and slow movements and the target fish are usually bottom fish like groupers, halibut and basses, High Speed ​​Jigging is a very effective fishing technique that works very well with pelagic fish and half-column waters such as amberjacks, yellowtails and tuna of all types and sizes.

The impact of the fish on the hooks as the jig is accelerated from the bottom of the ocean is simply addictive and the line shots are cinematic.

Thus, we found that under different conditions, one technique can be more efficient than the other and Speed ​​Jigging shows a lot of results when fish are attacking healthy prey lost from their schools.

Speed ​​jigging uses heavy equipment and large reels and can therefore be considered an activity that requires a high level of physical conditioning, but on the other hand, it can show surprising results and catch monstrous fish.

Basic material:

For Speed ​​Jigging we use shorter rods, usually between 5'2 and 6'0, which helps a lot in reducing leverage to work heavier jigs.

Spinning Reels are generally used but the use of Conventional Reels has also been popular and these should have a slower reel speed. PG models are the most suitable.

PE (polyethylene) lines or better known here as braid lines are fundamental for speed jigging. Smaller diameter=less resistance making work less strenuous. As we are working heavy jigs, every detail can make a big difference in a day of speed jigging.

Good quality leaders and connections must also be taken into account. Target fish are larger in this modality.

The use of reinforced Assist hooks is essential, as the strikes are very hard and aggressive.

Regarding Jigs, we have some weight distribution variations to be observed. You can choose between Rear balance, purer and more traditional jigging, and center balance, a little more technical and with more elaborate movements ranging from acceleration and sliding.

The speed jigging and slow pitch jigging techniques have different proposals and complete the technical arsenal of the sport fisherman, both being extremely fun and efficient.

Get ready, speed jigging could be your new passion.

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