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Fish Arrow Flash-J

The increase in fishing pressure is a factor that directly impacts fisheries productivity.
New and more modern bait softs are being developed seeking greater realism in every detail, and with this a huge range of fish species, both fresh and salt water, are being caught with this type of bait.

A proof of this is the Black Bass, North American fish that moves the world market with a huge variety of softs baits developed for its capture.

However, today we are going to talk about the FLASH-J soft bait of the Japanese brand FISH ARROW.
FLASH-J is a shad, available in various colors and sizes and that imitates a small fish, so real that it is capable of deceiving even fishermen.

But the secret for a soft bait to be efficient is in the assembly to be made, because it is with the correct assembly that we give it life and movement.
Below mounting suggestions using Flash J Shad, Decoy Body Hook Worm 23 hook and Jig Head SV-34 SGHEAD 
(hooks and accessories from the renowned Japanese brand PREMIUM DECOY).
All these products and all information you will find in THE FISHERMAN'S HUT. We will be happy to help you!
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